Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It never stops

I will never stop buying house things. These teacups are vintage, with screenprints by Esther Derkx on them. Available at Reform School and there are also teapots, sugar pots/creamers and serving platters. I would like some very much - I think I need that $600 stimulus money now.

This past weekend we shopped til we dropped - Saturday was spent at Herald Square. We hit up the usual mall stores (barf...except Gap is the only place I can buy underwear) as well as the actual Manhattan Mall to check out Steve & Barry's. This is the only place in NY you can get Starburys. I almost got myself a pair. Everything in the damn store is $8.98 which is hilarious to me. They also carry SJP's Bitten line, which is a piece of shit - it doesn't have any kind of real "design" aesthetic to it. It looks like typical crap you can get at Wal-Mart. I mean, she being such a style icon - I would at least try to have it look...wearable.

Yesterday we were up around 5th Avenue and Rock Center. We hit up Takashimaya, that big Japanese department store, which is basically a place for rich folk to spend their money, seeing as how they have nothing better to spend it on. The housewares section was very disappointing - Pearl River has a better selection. I was expecting better-designed stuff, not typical "Asian" soy sauce bowls, etc.

I walked with a new windbreaker and 2 pairs of work pants - this is the most money I've spent on clothes for myself in a very long time.

Shopping for America - it's disgusting but count me in.

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