Monday, March 10, 2008

Super utter total awesomeness

Brighten up your day and watch this cute mini movie from Japanese flashlight animation team Tochka.

Translated by shitty Babel Fish:
1.Camera 3m? About 4.5m, it installs in the place where the form where you have drawn the picture can be photographed perfectly. * Please be sure to lock the camera securely with the tripod!

2.Shutter speed of the camera is set the valve, or the exposure time which is longer than the normality (5 seconds 8 seconds 10 seconds etc.).

3.The picture is drawn with the light/write, the circumstances are photographed.
With such feeling of the ↓, it will try drawing in the sky largely. For example, "0"

4.When it does, the locus which is drawn in such a wind is that way shown.
The ↓ it is something which by the way, this photographed in exposure time 5 seconds.

5.Drawing, you take many times, drawing, you take, it repeats. For example, while changing the size and position of 0, when it keeps drawing, as been moving, it can show.

6.If it continues plays back the photograph which it photographed, it is the completion of PiKAPiKA!

Lots of other goodies (videos) throughout the website. I'm hooked.

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