Saturday, April 19, 2008

More BK Love

This week has been ridiculously beautiful. It started on Monday, still cool but clear and sunny. It got better and better all week and today, warm sunshine. Finally finally finally.

We took the bikes to Bicycle Station on Vanderbilt (at Dean St.) where I had my brake cable repaired. While I was waiting, in walks M.I.A. and her beau, wheeling in a dinky little child's bike. She was so close I could've dropkicked her. Because she is that short too.

The greenmarket at Fort Greene park was alive and kicking today and we walked around the park for a while before heading home. Now, beers and basketball. GO SUNS!!


erin said...

arghhhh this is the time of year i'd love to be back in bk! give it a big hug for me will ya? :)

lazysundae said...

i did :) i wish i was in asia tho. ha!