Friday, April 25, 2008

Sky blue ecstasy

I've always loved perfumes and colognes. When I was a baby we used Nenuco and Johnson's Baby Cologne. In middle school, I went from Love's Baby Soft to men's colognes: Davidoff Cool Water and Drakkar Noir (later snatched up by my brother). Then came the Body Shop craze where all we wore was Dewberry and White Musk. Later on, my friend Kelly worked at a perfume company, and there came free bottles of Vera Wang, BCBG Nature and one of my current faves, Origins Ginger Essence. I used Masaki Matsushima's Mat and Bath & Body Works' Freesia (now discontinued). Currently, I use Philosophy's Grace, D&G's Light Blue and CB I Hate Perfume's In the Summer Kitchen. And this will be my next purchase. I used the original Clean for a long time. It smells of laundry, baby powder, fresh soap and citrus. Fresh Laundry is more of the same notes but not as strong - it's muted and fresh and makes me swoon. I sprayed a sample on my hand to try and couldn't stop sniffing myself. No wonder Alex says I live like an animal.

My latest splurge - stupid Bluefly's $10,000 shopping spree is a no-go but I did score $30 off my next purchase...which I used towards this gorgeous suede Furla bag.

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