Monday, May 26, 2008

Epic Memorial Day Weekend

The weather cleared up just in time for Memorial Day weekend. We had brunch in the East Village at the Sunburnt Cow, which had unlimited mimosas or bloody marys included, all for $15. A great deal - too bad we couldn't say the same about the food.

On Sunday we biked over to DUMBO to check out the telectroscope. There was a huge line so we couldn't stand in front of it for long but it was still awesome to see London Bridge in the background. I wish I had a friend over there to wave at. Angelo - how far is Durham from London? We also had Patty and Chris over for Game 3 of the Western Conference. Made my (in)famous chicken wings and because of this, the Spurs won. I am not rooting for them though.

Today we biked across the Brooklyn Bridge which was overflowing with tourists. Walking in the bike lane. Then we biked all the way up 3rd Ave, had some delicious Turkish food and ended up at the Guggenheim to see the Cai Guo-Qiang exhibit, which I thought was pretty good. I loved the gunpowder paintings and the installation with the Black Rainbow, a show he did in Madrid using black firecrackers. On our way back we went through Central Park, where we spied some hula dancers on the grass. We took the Manhattan Bridge home, which was devoid of any amblers and now we are back, sweaty and stinky and waiting for our Chinese food.

Couldn't have asked for a better long weekend. The best part is, it's a short week.


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