Thursday, May 1, 2008

Miles away, just up ahead

Uploaded new songs to Muxtape - not a lot of people know Hayden so I uploaded some songs from his first two albums, Everything I Long For and Skyscraper National Park (I think it's named after the Vonnegut novel Slapstick). He's touring to promote his new album, In Field & Town. He'll be back at the Knitting Factory in June. And Feist? Feist will be performing at the Prospect Park Bandshell in July.

As always, a great live show. Hayden started out by asking people not to talk because the previous night, the din was so loud he couldn't hear himself sing. He opened with Dynamite Walls from the 2nd album and the majority of the songs (okay all but one more) were from the new album. His sound has gotten a little more upbeat - which is saying a lot because it's still pretty depressing. Slightly awkward but adorable, in that sad Eeyore kind of way - he surprised me by putting on a pretty good solo act.

Feist took forever to set up. This time was a little more theatrical than her show at Town Hall last year. Visuals on a projector behind her - collage, fingerpainting, a disco ball, a bit of a light show, Nikki McClure-like shadow cutouts. I can't stress enough how good her live shows are. If I could, I'd try to catch every show she does here - she is that good. I really wanted her to play "Lover's Spit" but it's a fairly old one, from her Broken Social Scene days. I uploaded it to Muxtape so be sure to have a listen. It's a mix of Feist, Hayden, BSS and another BSS spinoff, Jason Collett.



deb said...

oooo--muxtape--i'm loving it and your mix.
also, nice shadow puppetry at the Feist show.

lazysundae said...

thanks! it was awesome to see. how do i get THAT job!