Saturday, May 31, 2008

We is Wire, and you is welcome!

They played mostly newer songs. Slightly disappointed in that but they still sound great. I made a new friend who just move here from Orlando but lost her in the crowd. Red-haired make-up artist, I hope to see you again!

Today I braved the crowds at Union Square (each year getting worse and worse) to go to Whole Foods for dinner ingredients, and also to get stuff for Angel's party tomorrow. I am making beef-tomato-zucchini-mushroom-red onion kabobs (beef currently marinating in rosemary-balsamic-extra virgin/truffle oils-black pepper) and a cucumber-sugar snap pea-radish salad.

Tonight I made a yummy, fresh dinner of pan-seared lamb shoulder with apple-mint chutney and warm peanut salad, courtesy of Padma Lakshmi. I'm Top Chef in our house!

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