Friday, June 27, 2008

Shopping saves a shitty day




Ornate fire escape


Pho Bang

Swoon blue and gold

Okay so maybe more like shopping and pho save a bad day. From the get go, yesterday was the pits. Angel and I left early to check out a United Bamboo sample sale in Soho, where most of the clothing really were samples. Like I couldn't ever see them hanging on a rack in a store they were that bad. Really? You really thought this would work? I found some really cute pieces though, like this pair of adorable gold origami shoes and this playful black bubble dress but I just couldn't bring myself to shell out the cash.
Dejected, I suggested Opening Ceremony where we perused Chloe Sevigny's collection and oogled some miniature food jewelry. Seriously, rings made with miniature dollhouse ice cream sundaes and a serving platter of carrots with butter. I'd been wanting another pair of Melissa shoes so Angel inquired... and we ended up ordering a pair for each of us from their L.A. store. The staff there is so great and helpful you want to take them home with you and cook them dinner.

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