Monday, June 9, 2008

Weekend movies

Gumball Rally
I Netflixed this movie on a whim and ended up loving it! I love love love old muscle cars and just classic cars in general. This was a great, funny, not-too-slapstick film. Raul Julia and Gary Busey in young roles made this extra funny to watch.

Heat wave! I'm back to two cold showers a day. A movie is a great way to spend a disgustingly hot day. We headed over to the Sunshine to catch The Fall, a fairytale movie set in Los Angeles and filmed in over 18 locations around the world. While I didn't love the movie, I liked it a lot, as a storyteller. I felt pretty messed up after I left the theater, thinking everything around me was a fairytale. And of course the visuals were stunning. This was the main reason I wanted to see it in the theater. The Sunshine is great - for a small theater, it doesn't feel like one. With the cush stadium seating it doesn't matter who sits where because you can still see everything. The opposite of the Sunshine would have to be the Angelika with the F/V running under it and nearly flat seating.

Coming up:

Trumbo. A movie about the famed rebel of the McCarthy era and someone I look up to. Starring David Strathairn (who I love), Brian Dennehy, Nathan Lane, Paul Giammati performing his letters, as well as clips from films and interviews of people close to him. A strong advocate of the First Amendment, he was blacklisted in 1947 as a member of the Hollywood Ten, a group of film pros who testified before HUAC during their investigations of Communism in the film industry.

He wrote an The Brave One in 1957 under the pen name Robert Rich, which became the first movie to win an unclaimed Oscar. Suck on that, McCarthy.

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