Thursday, July 17, 2008

Your love is like a rollercoaster baby...

Photos from Trifster

For Alex's birthday we went to Lake Compounce in Bristol, CT. Boasting the world's #1 wooden rollercoaster Boulder Dash, it is also the oldest amusement park in North America, having been in operation since 1911.

We arrived at around 12:30 after a two-hour drive in a weak, no-guts Mini Cooper. The park is a lot smaller than say a Six Flags but to me it was the perfect size. Here are the rides we went on:

Zoomerang: A turquoise and purple back-and-forth ride with two loops and a killer first drop. As the first ride of the day, this definitely put us in the mood for some screaming.
Thunder and Lightning: Basically, a giant swing that seats about 8 people on each side, sitting back-to-back. At its highest point, you are parallel to the ground staring straight down at it. This looked lame but turned out to be pretty fun, as evident by my screaming.
Boulder Dash: The main attraction. You get in and head up a hill, surrounded by trees on all sides. It's built right into the mountain and at almost 2 minutes long, is worth the wait. Or non-wait, in our case. Best ever!
Down Time: Twelve people sit around the base with their backs to it. You're lifted 185 feet into the air, where you pause for a few seconds to take in the beautiful view (the water park, the lake...) before being dropped to the ground. I hate rides like this but it really wasn't bad. And it was great to get a view of the entire park.
Enterprise: Little enclosed 2-person vessels hang in orbit and spin like a Ferris Wheel. At its height, you are completely upside down. This made me very dizzy.
Ghost Hunt: You're in a car with a raygun for each passenger. You're supposed to shoot at targets when ghosts pop up, and in front of you it keeps track of your score. I wanted a scary ride but this was more fun. And I had the highest score!
At the water park, we did one waterslide that was completely enclosed and went round and round. Then we rode inner tubes around a "lagoon" where we were doused with water. Good fucking times.

On our way home we ate at Chili's which was a big favorite for us when we were younger. I ordered the baby backs and kept exclaiming "It tastes like my childhood!" Which it really did. And it was the perfect end to the day, for us big kids.

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