Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Selling stuff

I bought these shoes for a wedding I am going to later this year. Unfortunately, I have not learned that I cannot wear Sigerson Morrison's shoes, which are so beautiful and slim. Anyway my feet spill out the sides because I am horribly flatfooted (thanks, Pa!).

They do, however, go beautifully with the dress I bought.


So if you are interested, I encourage you to visit it on eBay. I know - shameless self-promotion. But it has gotten hardly any hits and I have listed it about 4 times! If you know anyone interested, please pass it along. They retail for around $300 and I am offering them at a steal.

These are the next shoes I bought for the same occasion. They're pretty right? And who doesn't love a pair of gold shoes! They are flat and comfortable. However. I must have some severely deformed/irregular feet because they are GINORMOUS on my feet. Normally I wear a size 6.5 - 7. These are a Euro size 37, which translates to about a US 7 and I can fit a full finger behind my heel when I try them on.

I can't tell you how pissed I am that these shoes don't fit, because otherwise, I would definitely not be selling them. I'm getting so frustrated that Alex had to sit me down last night and tell me that they were "just shoes." JUST SHOES!! Men will truly never understand.

If you like this pair, visit it on eBay. Retails for $220 and also being offered for dirt.

Both pairs are new, sold in their boxes.

It really pains me. But then again, I am going to hit up DSW later, like I probably should've done in the first place. Wish me luck.


- V I N S A N I T Y said...

Damn Alexis, never figured you for a shoe fiend! (welcome to the club)

lazysundae said...

Dude these are just the dress shoes. I also have my eye on those Nike ping pong shoes and the Mondrian Dunks. AUUUUGH.