Monday, August 18, 2008

This is why you gotta love him

tommy guerrero

hey alexis..yeah sxsw was a bit disappointing...too much and too hectic..they need to trim it down..
i was just in ny a few weeks ago w another band called blktop project..bunch of old skaters..played at unionpool...we had a blast..peep the site for any upcoming crap/tours etc..i don't get out much since 2 of my band mates live on the east coast..bastards!... cool.thnc for the flicks and support..take it easy/

The stupid thing is, I knew about this band but never thought to look out for it.

I just got back from spending time with some old old friends. One old friend I've known since age 6-ish. Another old friend was MIA for a few years and is now back from Toronto. I got digits. Oysters. And lots of beer.

Happy Monday!

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