Friday, September 26, 2008


Since I've gotten my digital camera, 35mm has taken a backseat. It takes me forever to finish a roll, so I often develop film without remembering what is on them. So when I finally get them processed, they're like missing memories. Here are a few shots from my LC-A and Lomolito cameras. I just went to Adorama this morning to buy some new film - I hope that fixes the darkness of my photos because lately, they have not been looking their best. Ultimately I prefer the quality and process of 35mm. It's slower. And more precious.

Bailey, Shelby & Bull 2004-05
Three of the dogs I looked after my first year on the farm. Bailey is Shelby & Bull's puppy. She and the other pup Meg ended up tearing Shelby apart in the living room. Lu had her cremated and her remains are in a wooden box in the kitchen. Shelby is out of Lego and was born on the road as they were driving through Shelby, Montana.

Ivy Wall

This is a building on our street in Brooklyn. In the winter it's bleak and scary looking but in the summer, covered in ivy, it looks warm and huggable.

Angel at the Beach

This is a great photo of Angel. She hates it, I don't know why. This was taken end of June when we went to Robert Moses beach out on Long Island. I made sangria on the beach and we stayed until it got late the tide was creeping up the bank, closer and closer to us.

Alex at Battery Park
Red, White & Blue on July 4th

This was on the 4th of July. We went to Battery Park to watch Sonic Youth and then headed to Adrienne's Pizzabar for dinner.

LIRR at Nostrand

This is the LIRR station at Nostrand. We were on our way to Long Beach to meet Angel and Mitya. It was such a gorgeous day for the beach: sunny but breezy. We lay on the sand and fell asleep and woke up a little browner. Later that night when we got back we met David and Laurea for dinner at Taisho.

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