Tuesday, September 9, 2008

TV Roundup

Gossip Girl: The premier was only an hour long, first of all. And I'm a little disappointed that everything we wanted to happen at the end of last season...did. What is there to hope for now? The Blair vs. Chuck drama will get old quickly.

90210: Yes, I actually watched it and this one was a painful 2 hours long. Why do all the high schoolers look like they're 40? Did you catch the scene where "Annie" joins the chorus of her school play? I wanted to barf on the screen. And, how can the Zuckerman/Silver children be old enough to be in high school already? Won't be keeping up with this one.

Project Runway: Doesn't Tim Gunn remind you of C3P0? Think about it. Also, one of my favorite designers Leann is doing very well, winning two challenges in a row. They finally booted that crazy NY leather chick with the horrible accent. And with Keith gone, there are now only 4 gays in the village.

Fringe: The premier tonight was 1.5 hours long. And I am hooked. But then again, I got hooked on Alias as well. The premise, a female FBI investigator working on cases of "fringe" science. Teleportation, ESP, etc. I hear it will have a mythological arch like Alias, which I can probably do without but for now I will enjoy watching pudge-faced Joshua Jackson on my big small screen. Lance Reddick is good as well - I didn't recognize him at first but then realized I remembered him from Oz, where he played an undercover cop who was in jail investigating a case. Good stuff. They did the isolation tank + LSD combo which I so love, ganked directly from Altered States. "Excellent! Let's make some LSD." Walter Bishop is definitely my favorite character, especially while giggling like a child as he watches Spongebob. It's profound, because it's about a sponge.

Only one premier left that I'm waiting for, and that is Grey's Anatomy, which starts up again on September 25.

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