Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Home sweet home

Now that we are back home I want to focus a little bit on home improvement. More like home decor anyway. I just got a couple of pieces to put up in the living room:
This is a piece by Mister Rob Ryan from the UK. He has beautiful laser cut paper products which he makes into tiles and prints. This is a small piece that's emo without being too cheesy. Like me, hopefully. But who am I kidding, I am a wallower.
This is a print by David Moore of an old WWII poster from England that was never posted. There are a ton of these floating around, re-made by different people but I liked these colors best. I got this for Alex, to remember not to stress too hard.

What I really love are these paintings by SF artist Ian Johnson. I first saw his work about four years ago in San Francisco at a group show curated by Derek from Park Life (before Park Life was born). He usually does old jazz musicians but he has portraits of Haruki Murakami and William S. Burroughs (below, I think) as well.

I like the mixture of realism in the figures and acid trip in the background. Kind of like a mullet - party in the back!

The original paintings are a little much for me right now but I will settle for a print. If they will ever make more. Aha.


Bonbon Oiseau said...

good stuff sister--i bought the keep calm and carry on as well and have it in the bedroom facing us when we wake up. it so politely helps..
love the william burroughs print..oh yes, you groovy old school hipster...

lazysundae said...

i saw it on your blog first! it would be amazing if he did the whole beat crew as i have the most unreasonable crush on jack kerouac. still.