Friday, December 12, 2008

Alexander Calder

Jewelry by Alexander Calder on view at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (NYC) through March 2009. I studied him in high school and have been a fan since but never knew he made jewelry! The Met isn't my favorite museum - it is way too big and by the time you get to the exhibit you wanted to see in the first place it's 5 hours later. Tiring!

Alexander Calder: The Paris Years is also on view at the Whitney through February 2009. Would be cool do to both the same day - I have a break for the holidays coming up and Alex has to work. So..... Guess what I'll be doing. Any other NYers down? [edit: what's happening to my Engrish??]

Here's a 4-minute clip of the start of Calder's Circus, always entertaining to watch.


ana dane said...

i didn't know he did jewelry either. what neat pieces.

i'm sure, as a calder lover, you've been up to storm king, yes? if not, you need to go.

lazysundae said...

not yet but that is definitely on my list now! looks awesome - thanks for the heads up!

Bonbon Oiseau said...

i am so psyched to see this show! i've also been a fan since i was a little kid! nice post!