Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mostly naughty

Been a fan of Branch Home for a while, with their wonderful home products. Sustainable and natural and good for the soul:

These adorable felt manta rays are handmade in Nepal. I have no idea what I would do with these in my home but they are my favorite sea animal and I love them. I never see any ray products being sold so this is extra exciting.

And look underneath! Great detail for such a simple product. I love love love. They're like little raviolis of the sea. With teeth!

More from Branch Home, these adorable handmade pillows made of hemp and stuffed with natural feathers and down. Made by K Studio, a mother-daughter team in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

I FINALLY FOUND THEM! Earlier this year when we were in San Francisco, Alex and I stopped into a little home design store right next to Ici (ice cream) on College Ave in Berkeley. I adored these hand felted pebbles from South Africa but didn't buy any, and have since been looking for the name of the store so I could find out how to get them. And here they are. These are different from other felted pebbles you might see, as there are no actual pebbles. They are soft and light and can be used as decoration or a pin cushion.

Check these awesome Bamboo products by Bambu - I kind of want everything.

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