Tuesday, December 23, 2008

MS Paint Masterpieces

There was a point in time when Ryan and I were so bored at work we MS Painted a bunch of stuff. Luckily I saved them. Here are mine:

Chris, Alex and Brent. I have to say, you can totally tell it's them.

One day I made chicken with peaches and thyme with mashed potatoes on the side. I didn't have a camera so I drew it.

Ryan and I love dinosaurs. Happy beef cubes = Saikoro Steak from Typhoon Lounge in the East Village, source of many a midnight narf back in the day. Waaaay back.

This does not really need any explanation in my opinion.

Nor does this.

They are. Just ask Dom de Marco; that's his slice up there.

More dinosaurs! This time a retarded T-Rex.

This is my attempt at one of those jewel-eyed My Little Ponies. Remember?

Just a Fat Bastard reference.

I was running out of ideas that day. And hungry.

Why is it a single??

Another surf n turf rendition.

More dinosaurs! And Rainman.

This is a reference to zombies. We love zombies! I'm eating your brain! I'm gaining your knowledge!!

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