Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Beautiful, nubby yarns.

Do you know why they call them "nubby?" Because that's the sound you make when you smash your face into their softness. NUBBYNUBBYNUBBY!!!

Ozark Opulent in Prince Edward

Manos del Urugya in Bramble - I've been a fan of this yarn since I first started knitting 4 years ago!

Farmhouse Lumpy Bumpy in Mercado de Merida

Cascade Baby Alpaca in Mimosa

Blue Sky Alpaca in Frost

All yarns available at Purl Soho. I just signed up for a knitting and wine group at Bar Olivino in the neighborhood, hosted by local artist and knitter, Megan Canning. Yay it's happening! This will be held every last Sunday. To sign up, email

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ana dane said...

arg, i wish this bar were closer to where i live. sounds like fun- i'm always looking for more motivation to finish ma knittin'.