Monday, March 30, 2009

W-E-E-K-E-N-D it's weeeekend

Took Friday off and headed into the city to grab a sandwich from Num Pang, which I ate at Union Square. Being the first really nice Spring day of the year, everyone was out, including this bronze statue and two old ladies having a ball with him. They kept talking to him and digging for more change to make him change poses. Then they would laugh and laugh.

86/279 2009 Winding yarn at Knit New York
Knit New York was having a moving sale so I went and bought a bad bad bad amount of yarn. This is a yarn baller - if you buy a hank/skein of yarn you can't knit or crochet with it until you wind it into a ball. Most places will do it for free right then and there. Usually I'll do it at home but since this skein was almost 700 yards I handed it to this blue haired Betty.

Huh wha?
Michael cooked dinner in Bushwick for me, Seth, Angel and Mitch. This is his dog Kennedy, half Basset Hound-half Dalmatian.

With my new yarn I started a new project, the Purl Bee's Daisy Stitch Handwarmers. This photo was taken on Saturday - I stayed up til about 3am on Friday getting it started and by Saturday night I finished one handwarmer. It looks difficult but once you get the tricks down it's a piece of cake. The hard part for me was getting enough slack in the yarn to do the [k3tog, yo, k3tog] into the same 3 stitches. Knitting this is very meditative as I don't have to refer to the pattern that often until I get to the thumbhole and it's fairly quick to do. I'd like to try this pattern on a matching hat, which I will somehow have to finagle. I don't like matching scarf-hat combos but I think matching hat-handwarmers/gloves is ok. I'm now obsessed with making things on dpns (double pointed needles) as this was my first try. It's not as scary as it looks although my fingers look and feel gnarled after a few hours. Next projects include an apple sweater and finger puppets! I'm also now obsessed with buying yarn to stockpile for future projects. This can get very dangerous.

87/278 2009 James Paterson: Harvest
Saturday Alex and I headed into Chelsea to check out Corey Arnold's photos at Sara Tecchia Roma. In the same building was bitforms, which was showing James Paterson's Harvest.

Sunday was a terribly lazy day where I did more knitting both at home and at Bar Olivino, where my knitting group meets once a month. It's funny to note that this Sunday the crowd consisted of 5 young women knitters and 3 old men, who were regulars.

When I got home I went to work on dinner: Lemon-rosemary chicken with gravy; chickpeas, artichoke hearts and carrots in lemon and rice. To be posted on The Itis later tonight.

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ana dane said...

i love those handwarmers. if i can ever convince myself to do nupp stitches again (broken three needles in the process) and finish the opera-length gloves i started a few months back, i'm making these next.

and watch out with the yarn stockpiling. one word: carpet beetles. actually, that's two. but i had to get rid of about 150 balls earlier this year to get rid of those pesky buggers. they LOVE big, big boxes of yarn.