Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend update

73/292 2009 Poor bike
Saturday I made biscuits & gravy for breakfast and then we collected old clothes and headed to Beacon's Closet to sell them. We made $40 and spent it on beers and brats at Radegast, then did a little window shopping and headed home.

We watched Let The Right One In, which was spooky and creepy. The filming was very sparse, letting the actors shine through. I liked it a lot but was very tense throughout. Will get on to reading the book as I'm sure there were aspects that were lost in translation.

VIP Seats
Sunday we had a delicious brunch at James and then headed into Soho for - what else - shopping.

We headed home where I made chicken and sausage cassoulet and then sat down to watch A History of Violence. Like Eastern Promises, it had a bittersweet ending that left you wondering. As with most of his movies it was dark and touched on questions regarding human nature.

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