Thursday, April 30, 2009

Farm life pt. 1

Spring's here and I'm missing the farm. For those of you new to this blog, you probably don't know that I used to ride horses competitively from when I was 5-19. Showjumping. I quit for a while and in 2004 my life in NYC was pretty much a big fat mess and I went to work on my old trainers' farm for the winter. And did the same in 2005, which is where these old photos and emails came from:

October 21, 2005
coming up on my first whole month out here:

i've been watching way more sports than i want to but that's okay, i'm rooting for houston in the world series. my life has new meaning.

animal casualties, etc:
old calico cat followed me around with a dead mouse in her mouth and then chomped on it while my back was turned. all i heard was the muffled crunching of tiny mouse bones. i felt warm and fuzzy.

young gray stallion got pigeon fever from a fly that bit his crotch. his testicles are elephant size with the infection. apparently it's all the way up into his intestines. poor guy had to get them hacked off anyway but not this way. (see photos) and now twice a day i gotta grind up meds and shove them down his throat. if he didn't hate me before he does now.

dead rat/possum/whatever. from what i understand the workers found it by the chicken coop, i think the murderous little jack russells tore it apart. (see photo)

i got to chase a cowboy pony around the field and stab it in the neck with a syringe filled with vaccine.

the alpha male dog also has crotch problems. apparently he's allergic to fleas. fast forward to him itching and scratching for a few days and he was limping around with an itchy red groin.

anyway enjoy the rest of the photos.


* all photos taken with Lomo LC-A

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