Saturday, April 25, 2009

Photos from sunny CH

Pretty flowers in the sky
On the way to the Flea, a tree in bloom

Vintage chairs at the Flea

Wonderful aqua shelves filled with vintage goods
Vintage wares on aqua shelves

Pressing grilled cheese with pickles
At Saxelby Cheesemongers, hand-pressed grilled cheese paninis

Pretty tulip
Bloomin tulip on St. James

Augh! Tulips + garbage

My matchbox pinhole camera
Tomorrow is Pinhole Photography Day. I made my own matchbox pinhole camera using these instructions. Wish me luck!


ana dane said...

i kind of like the tulips and garbage shot the best. does that make me dirty?

lazysundae said...

i don't think so. i was kind of amazed myself to see all those bottles piled so neatly inside the little planter area. did someone pick them up and deposit them there for lack of garbage can? or was there a midnight pow-wow of ballantine drinkers the night before? we'll never know...