Thursday, May 7, 2009

Farm life pt. 2

november 5, 2005

i promise there are no horse nutz anywhere in this email. those are long gone, after 2 long weeks of smashing up pills, mixing them with syrup and shooting them down said stallion's throat with a syringe. twice a day. and by twice a day i mean rushing back from the bay area tripping on shadows and skidding to a halt in front of the barn in the benz at 11pm. (i didn't know how to drive manual so instead of using the trucks i got to drive their mercedes. wooo!)

killer dogs update: both bitches are in heat. i put them in a big dog run so they'd be away from the male dog and then left to go check on horses. i wasn't gone 5 mins before i heard squealing and barking so i ran back to find that the bigger one was mauling the little one. it was nuts. and the workers just ignored everything so i am wondering what happened last time when they killed their own mother. so the little one had a puncture wound not unlike a vampire bite on her neck. then i tried locking the male dog up and having the 2 bitches out but the bigger one went straight for the little one. have seriously considered putting her down and telling my bosses that she got run over. instead i've locked her up; bitch is grounded!! no dog dick for you!!

then there is the irate neighbor who is complaining about the smell of horse shit. we've all been here for over 15 years and he is only now complaining about the horse shit.

other than that i've been getting deep tissue massages at the chiropractor and watching way too much tv.

*all photos taken with lomo lc-a

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