Saturday, May 2, 2009

Whistle while you work

I need to expand my blog searches because most things I've made lately have been from the Purl Bee. Can't help it - their tutorials are great, informative and easy to follow. Below, two things I'm working on. Not pictured are another lace scarf and tote bag. That's right - four projects at the same time. Helps when I get bored with a project to keep working!

Finished coasters
My finished Calla Coasters. I used organic cotton yarn from Knit Picks and the Riviera sampler from Connecting Threads, a partner of Knit Picks. I hate having to order but the price is right. From $15 worth of fabric I can make about 60 coasters! The pattern also calls for some crocheted pieces but try as I might, I could not teach myself. Very frustrating for me since I taught myself to knit pretty easily.

I will enlist the help of Heike, Alex's mom, when she comes to visit.

Stripe applied I-cord
This is another Elisa Nest Tote I am working on. I made it a little wider than the pattern called for and am doing striped I-cord straps instead of a solid color. I think it will look good. To do the striped I-cord, I had to look up instructions on this blog. It's a pain in the ass because you have to wind the inactive color as you go along so with each stitch, you have to remember to do this. But it is worth it, to make the bag look more interesting. For the next one, the entire bag is going to be striped.

I have a lot of yarn stockpiled now that I have to make use of them. I am going to make a matching hat to go with the handwarmers I made earlier. I also need to make a little belt in garter stitch - I bought a great sundress at J. Crew in bright turquoise that I love but it is pretty sacklike and needs some cinching.

Woo! Back to work. I just finished making sangria and put my chicken wings into a Peruvian marinade. Up next, empanada dough and the filling. Read about it tomorrow on The Itis!

Almost forgot - starting Monday May 4, it is POLAROID WEEK 2009! Any instant cam will do. Check out the Flickr group for more information - I am brushing the dust off my Fuji Instax right after this. Stay tuned!

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