Saturday, June 27, 2009


These pillows by GoBuggyGo on Etsy! I cannot think of a more perfect addition to our home than these meat pillows. Educational too! I'm not keen on the "country" print of the fabric but these look simple enough. Or maybe they will do a custom order.


Last night in the old apartment. ALMOST all packed. I'm at the point now where I've said "F it," I will just move all the loose bits up little by little.

Watched Fritz Lang's Metropolis at BAM today with live band 3epkano doing the acompaniment. It was a pretty awesome experience - I've only seen the Giorgio Moroder version, with some of the film painted over in red-yellow-green-blue so the original compositions of the band were a little weird at first. The music was beautiful though and having a live band during the movie was a first for me. Question: Why does BAM keep their movie theaters at freezing temperature???

After dinner I went for a late night run. I know I have to move tomorrow but I am also trying to run twice a week and I missed the 2nd time. I would really love a cup of hot tea right now but stupid Keyspan turned off the gas!

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