Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I've been real down lately and some really messed up caca has been happening to me in my life including, but not limited to, coming home late one night and having a piece of broken cement hurled at me from a passing car; being knocked into left & right on the train. And not the normal jostling that occurs but straight up train screeches, moron not holding onto anything body slams me into a pole and stomps my feet. Also woman with clodhoppers who stomps my bare ass toes. And the numerous morons with big bags who, as soon as they board the train, forget they have said bags and end up knocking everyone around them in the face. Things at work have also come to a head. Backed into a corner, teeth bared. Yeah. So here are some happy photos:

Nu kicks
My new shoes by F-Troupe. On sale for half off - very tempted to get another pair in grey suede/red patent leather. They are so comfortable and easy to wear! I love saddle shoes. They take me back to the time where I had to wear a plaid uniform to school.

I had a shitty day yesterday so I spent it with Lloyd
Yesterday was a difficult day so I got some red wine and spent the evening with Lloyd & Diane. Works every time. Jack & Diane are fun too but not as much.

My tea shelf
My tea shelf inside my new cabinet from Ikea. I built the damn thing by myself. I'm glad I found uses for the tins that are too pretty to throw away... The big mugs are from Gleena, which I won on a blog giveaway. You can bet your bottom dollar I'll be purchasing some to add to my collection!

The waves roll out
On Sunday we went to Long Beach in celebration of Christine's birthday. Sun, sand and friends. I didn't want to leave.

Downward dogg
Especially with this cute little thing next to us. Check the under arm fat! Baby mohawks are the best. Seriously.

I almost hopped in
If she was mine I'd name her Isabelle. Such a great classic car and look at the red interior! Perfect for cruising.

Taxi by Bortusk Leer
Zany art by Bortusk Leer in DUMBO

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Bonbon Oiseau said...

awwwwww...poor you..i like the way you're cheering yourself up though?