Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Interior inspirations

All images from The Selby, one of my favorite photo blogs.

From the home of Michelle & Tracy McCormick in L.A. This awesome curio display - great way to keep all my junky trinkets in one place and on display.

From the home of Elisa Nalin in Paris, France. It looks like my tattoo and I love the old school checkerboard floor.

From the home of Frederic Beigbeder, this awesome sign which translates to "Attention bizarre cat." Because yes we do!

Both of these photos from the home of Matthew Eikelberger in L.A. I love anatomical drawings, posters and toys/sculptures. And also, the cat & dog portrait is hilarryyyyyyys!

From the home of Chase Cohl in NYC. This is one of my favorite lyrics. It's not hard to guess where it's from - can you? Would it be terrible if I did a similar thing? But not with the necklaces hanging on the wall, I don't like that.

Matt Creed at home in NYC. I wish my fire escape was shaded like this. Ours looks out onto both streets (we're on the corner) and there is no privacy. Private fire escapes are better. Plus I wanted to post this pic because he's cute.

Julia Roitfeld's penguin ring

Boots on the stairs at the home of Lucy Chadwick & Duffy, London. I love all of these shoes. That's all.

Josh Connor at home in NYC, turning his bathroom into a multi-functional room. For him, screenprinting. And for me, a dark room.

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