Saturday, July 11, 2009

Scenes from a new apartment

Closeup of our bookshelf that lines the living room wall, newly painted Golden Orchards. The books are all by Aaron Cometbus, introduced to me by RL a few years ago. I'm most grateful for this discovery as he's become one of my favorite writers and heroes.

Poolside Blue
The horrible Pepto Bismol master bath, newly painted by Alex. The color is Poolside Blue - it's actually a little darker and it's the perfect shade of aqua, inspired by Miss Deb's post over here. See the #5 photo.

Our new table!
Our new occasional table purchased today at the Brooklyn Flea from La Mesa Grande of Scranton, PA. We saw the table last week when the Flea was nearly empty... But we didn't buy it then because were indecisive about it. A week to think about it is long enough - he still had it and even offered to put a shelf on it for the baskets! I found these old berry baskets at King's County Salvage, who are usually in the sand pit - they're a little dirty and stained with berry juice but I love them! They're perfect for the table and good for putting keys, wallets, etc into them. And one of them is great for putting all our NYC subway/bus/bike maps into. The table is made from antique barn wood and he will make you a custom piece if you can't find what you're looking for. Some great farm tables, cabinets and chairs. It's good karma wood!


cindy* said...

love the blue. and that table w/ baskets...amazing.

lazysundae said...

thanks so much cindy! i'm so excited to be starting from scratch (i've managed to convince myself)!