Thursday, September 10, 2009

Midnight in the Apple Orchard

In NYC it's turned cool. The temperature has dropped to 60 after a fast & furious summer, clocking in at one cold June, one spotty July and one horribly rainy and humid August.

Number of beach trips: 2
Number of free concerts attended: 2
Number of other concerts attended: 3
Number of roadtrips: 0
Number of rooftop picnics: 1
Number of summer BBQs: 1
Number of bike rides: 4
Nights spent sweating my ass off with no A/C: 3
Number of stoop sales hosted: 1
Number of lobster rolls eaten: 2
Number of times I showed up to work hungover: 2
Number of out of town guests hosted: 0

What low stats! Let's make it better next year.

It's sweatshirt weather and I am happy.


Richard said...

quite distinct and eventful, numbers can't show that sometimes. it can be hard to make the time anyway, but writing lists and revisions help. clear goals only.
recently saw this and thought you'd like it.

lazysundae said...

thanks so much richard, i love the photographs!!