Monday, October 5, 2009

Pouf! It's like magic

What was supposed to be my summer project ended up being a quickie start-of-fall project:

Finished hand knit stool

This is the Puff Daddy knit stool from Pickles of Norway, which is like the Purl Bee in many respects, selling yarn and other supplies and offering free patterns for crocheting, knitting and crafts.

I bought some yarn on sale at WEBS, 9 skeins of royal blue Berkshire Bulky, a 50-50 blend of wool and alpaca. To stuff the pouf, I cut into our old featherbed, removed some of the feathers, then shoved it all into the knit case. It's fairly stretchy but be careful in sewing the bottom shut. I tore my stitching yarn and almost panicked that I'd ripped out some knit stitches.


Now Alex is using it as a gaming chair. Next up, a bed for the cat so she will stop sleeping on the dining chair cushions and shedding her fur all over it. Blech!

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