Friday, October 9, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things...

Some things I want and need right now:

A Calder-like mobile by mobilosity on Etsy. I love Calder's work and this is one that I've finally found that looks most like it. He is whimsical but also scientific.

Adorable pair of teacups that fit in each other by Shinzi Katoh. His art reminds me of children's books. I love that this set is made up of two cups.

Inside and on the back of the cups are the cutest details.

Another tea cup set by Shinzi Katoh - this is a little more practical because it has a built in tea strainer with lid. I have some loose tea and this would be perfect for it.


Another wonderful tea cup, this one with a design by Irina Douer, an artist from Argentina. I've never seen her work before this but I like it very much.

All these tea cups and more available at Makool.

The newest Katamari game, which is colorful and simple enough for me to play
Escapo by Paul Pope. He is amazing.

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