Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dear Me

Short of a DIY gift exchange with our friends, Alex and I aren't doing presents this year. Rather, we are getting things we want for the apartment, a throwback to our first Xmas in our new apartment downstairs. Namely, a scanner/printer and a sewing machine. If anyone has good recommendations for either, it'll be much appreciated. Especially for the sewing machine - neither of us has ever really used one before and it would be for basic hemming/alterations. And then eventually, Alex will make me clothes (Just kidding! But I will try to find some fun fabrics while in Kenya...)

But that doesn't mean I can stuff my own stocking! Xmas wishes I'll get (or make) for myself:
  • Mariage Freres Earl Grey French Blue tea
  • Mariage Freres Casablanca tea (green, mint, bergamot)
  • This scarf knit with this yarn
  • New winter house slippers (Sock Monkey has a hole)
In other news, I received the itinerary for the trip to Kenya. The countdown begins now: Cinco de Mayo!

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