Thursday, December 31, 2009

The year in photos

Here's a smattering of photos, one from each month...

Poor freezing dog
January - a shivering dog in DUMBO

Los cuties
February - I turned 30

86/279 2009 Winding yarn at Knit New York
March - this is when i started binge-stocking yarn. This is Knit New York - having been to a few yarn stores in NYC now, this is by far the best. Too bad it's closed, like a lot of my favorite spots.

Wonderful aqua shelves filled with vintage goods
April - the BK Flea reopened...on a Saturday

Tiger Woods yall
May - Alex ran his first half marathon

Sunset from Mather Point
And we road tripped the Southwest

See, turning gay already
June - Asobi Seksu!!
Also we moved upstairs to a much bigger apartment.

Johnny Rocket's
July - we went to Six Flags for Alex's birthday

Mr. Softee
August - end of summer! Hyden Yoo premiered at Bloomingdale's and Steve came for a visit.

Flock of seagulls
This is right outside my office building
September - it started to get a little cooler and the seagulls started flying around in crazy flocks again. Our office moved to Herald Square, a shit show. Also, VH1 Hip Hop Honors and a visit from cousin Jen.

Tantillo's Farm Market
October - whiskey tasting at Tuthill Town Spirits. Also, Eros & Mario came from L.A. and we finally had our housewarming party.

Rent is too damn high!
November - I voted in the mayoral election. Laurea turned 28 and we ate hot pot. Crispy pork skin at Thanksgiving 2009.

NYE 2009 Snowfall
December - NYE snowfall in Clinton Hill. This month I started selling my knitted things for real, we had our 2nd annual DIY gift exchange, and we rang the new year in quietly at a small house party in Brooklyn.

Happy New Year :)

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