Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Shinzi Katoh

I discovered Shinzi Katoh while perusing the online store Makool. I just bought a mug set from them that arrived about a week ago, pictured here:

The name of the design is "Donkey friend"
There is a removable tea strainer that is great for all my loose tea. The cover can be used to place the strainer in after steeping, or as a container for snacks. Cookies? Almonds? Craisins? All of the above?

Then one day at Dick Blick in Soho, I spied a whole display of...Shinzi Katoh pens! I took my time choosing just two.

Here is one of them but you can see the rest here! Normally I'm scared that such cute pens will not write very well but luckily these are fine point and with black ink. I'm a bit of a pen snob, I must confess.

Here are more designs that I really love and am hoping to grow my collection more & more:

Another mug with saucer/cover

A mushroom forest sesame grinder - great for noodle soup dishes

An adorable set of Alice in Wonderland ceramics!!!!

Like I need another bento box...this is good for dry snacks like crackers, cheese, nuts, etc.

Little Red Riding Hood loaf dish - I'd make poundcake! Meatloaf! A vegetable terrine!

Little Red Riding Hood tea pot and cups set for two

I really love his simple designs and sense of humor. I'm feeling a bit crazed right now, with all these wonderful things I could be stuffing into my kitchen cabinets.

Must remember for next year, a 2011 planner. I've yet to get a 2010 one - I've kept all of mine since 1996. Believe that?

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Kristen said...

lazysundae is right- the planner is so cute. I just received a free one with our latest shipment of Shinzi products and am addicted to it.