Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Washing the clouds away

Death of an orchid
My bday/Valentine orchid is dying. I like the way the flowers turn papery as they dry. Alex wants to clean them off but I'd rather they stay until they fall off naturally. Orchids are so expensive. Why?? You can buy them on the street for $10. I've seen it.

Oxalis in bloom
My oxalis is blooming again. It'd been touch and go all winter until I realized it loved the sun. It's just started to sprout flowers again.

No flash. Spring blooms.
A newly blooming tree in Bed-Stuy. I didn't use flash, this is lit from below (or above, rather) by the streetlamps. There was another tree I wanted to take a photo of instead, it had paper-thin plastic banners tangled up on it.

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