Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 10: Pampered

Day 10: 6am safari

Day 10: Kenya sunrise

Day 10: 6am safari

Day 10: Skulls at a market

Day 10: Ashley & I on the ride back

Day 10: Cannonball

These photos pretty much speak for themselves. We were awoken once again at 5am with tea and biscuits at our tent. After a quick breakfast we loaded up into Keefer's car and took off on another safari adventure. This time we stopped at a small gift shop in the Mara, where I looked but did not purchase. The shopkeeper followed me out to the car, asking why I hadn't bought anything and telling me he'd give me a good price. I was holding out for the outdoor marketplace back in Nairobi, where I hoped to buy the bulk of my souvenirs and presents.

After getting back at around 9, Robyn and I decided to change into bathing suits and head to the pool. I'd purchased a one-piece specifically for this trip since I'd be with work colleagues. You can laugh - but at the time I did not want to be hanging out with our President and head of global finance in a teeny bikini! We ordered strawberry daiquiris (my first time ever to have poolside service) but what came instead was something much better - frozen pineapple ginger cocktails! I got a manicure with Maggie the resident beautician, scrubbing away the last remnants of Oloosiyoi mud.

Slowly, everyone started emerging from their naps/late morning lounging and we had lunch before our next safari. We still had not seen a cheetah and were ready to kidnap the baby we'd seen with one of the other guests to use as bait. Only half joking! But we did get caught in a rainstorm and to shift into off-road gear to get out of it. After much revving and maneuvering (and almost jumping up and crashing into a tree) we were free. Another safari car behind us got stuck, and Keefer got out to help. We came back to the Safari Club tired, a little wet, and some of us (Jim) carsick.

Needless to say we spent a warm night by the fireplace with Smokey the Cat drinking Tusker Malts and Bloody Marys.

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