Monday, August 2, 2010

A Rollerskating Jam

HNH Brisket
Saturday was a really full, beautiful day. We started pretty early, heading to the Flea at 11am to eat some delicious TX BBQ from HNH. The brisket did not disappoint - they gave us a few pieces from each end, lean and moist. The creamed corn was a little sweet but went well with the cheddar-jalapeno Elgin sausage, and the potato salad was delicious and mustard-y. LinYee was manning the booth, I've known her marginally for years and she always remembers everyone. She's a doll.

Eagle Clothes sign, Gowanus
We hung out at home for a bit (I finished a knitting project that I will post later) and then rode down to Four & Twenty Blackbirds for pie with Cinco. This time I had peach-blueberry and he and Alex had salted-caramel-apple.

There is only about a month left to use the Key to the City so we hit a couple of BK locations. The first was Cabinet Magazine in Gowanus. There is a box in the alley...

Bubbles released

...And when you look up, there is a little black box rigged to make bubbles when the door is opened. We tried to check out Proteus but it was closed so we headed to our next spot. I had brought a baggie of little green army men to leave in all the spots but some of them specifically said to not leave anything.

Alex jumproping

The next spot was in DUMBO at Gleason's Gym. I'd never been to a boxing gym before but it looked just like the movies. We unlocked the locker and played with some of the things in there - jumpropes, boxing gloves. I left little green army man in there.

Manhattan Bridge

We continued to explore, heading down to BK Bridge Park where there were crew races, a wedding photoshoot, tons of kids and a young student sketching the bridge.

Dewey's Candy Shop, DUMBO

Also Dewey's Candy for expensive ass penny candy. Seriously, we got a little bag of gummies and the shit was almost $7! I can get an entire tub of sour watermelon gummies for $5 from Staples. THANKS.

N12 & Wythe

After beer and snacks at Pedro's we headed up to Williamsburg to The Levee, then hit The Cove for a free comedy show. Sad to say, the funniest part of the night was when the last comedian, who was being heckled by some fat douchebags in the audience, asked them why they had done it. Really??

This coming weekend, not sure which stops we will hit but this is a great way to explore the city for people who normally are a) too lazy b) too scared c) not motivated to leave Manhattan. It's a borough, kids. Not THE city.

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