Sunday, October 31, 2010


It's officially post-Halloween so I'm thinking it appropriate to post some things from my wishlist. Just coz:

Colorful oxfords by Osborn Design of BK. I first saw them at BK Flea a couple of years ago and now they are blowing up all over the place. I love these shoes.

Gray brogues by Madewell 1937
This adorable little pouchette by J. Crew. I like it in this dark green but black would be good as well.
The Mochimochiland knitting book - I might not be able to wait til the holidays and will probably gift this to myself.
I. Ronni Kappos necklace, available at Twist online and Plastica. I especially love her necklaces with the simple drop pendants like this one.

Le Creuset two-in-one pan from Sur La Table. The smaller pan can be used as a lid for the bigger one, or a small saute pan!

I'd also like a few things for the apartment, like a multi-person raclette grill. I've always wanted one! Since I was 6. The best part is, the newer versions have griddles on top that allow you to use it for more than one purpose. Also, frames. I have tons of art that need to go up, like my Geoff McFetridge Fangframe prints and other art I've purchased over the years. It's inexcusable that they're still in storage.

That's not so bad, right?

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