Friday, December 10, 2010


I've been slacking on this blog but have a good excuse. Here's why, explained efficiently in bulletpoints:
  • I quit my old job, which involved a 2-day offsite meeting and training my replacement. 
  • I started my new job with only a weekend as a break.
  • My new job keeps me very busy and I leave work at least an hour later than I used to.
  • I've been knitting a lot but they're presents so I can't post pictures of anything.
Here's why I like it better than my old job:
  • No useless meetings.
  • When you want something to get done, it gets done.
  • I'm using my brain again! 
  • Working late doesn't really feel like working late.
  • There's a water carbonator for making your own club soda.
  • The kitchen is always stocked with cereal and oatmeal.
  • The location is close to Trader Joe's, Whole Foods & Shake Shack. 
  • Everyone is smart & resourceful - which  means I will not have to deal with any stupid employees who won't read any of the materials provided to them for their own information.
And here's what's going on:
  • I played a D&D type board game with my boss & coworkers last night that lasted til 10. Well, I lasted til 10 but I'm sure it went later.
  • Then I met Cinco at Heathers to hear Tropical Jeremy & Veronica Vasicka spin. And to pick up Cinco's copy of The Walking Dead Compendium 1. It weighs about 5 lbs. 
  • That was a very inefficient bulletpoint.
  • Menu planning for our holiday party - harder than you think.
  • Mociun-Baggu-Alyson Fox-Shabd-Repetto-more studio sale with Ying & Angel last week, Bonbon Oiseau sale this week.
I didn't have time to put this into a ppt presentation but if you really want me to I will.

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Khalid El-Nahmean said...

ppt w/ pictures, please.
also, check the way you spelled "weighs".