Monday, March 31, 2008

Shit I do want to be spending money on

This badorable merino-cotton hoodie w/ cashmere-lined hood. Lux and ridiculously ppriced at $675. By Future Craft of Boston.

Robert Rauschenberg: Transfer Drawings of the 1960s. Great stuff - one of my heroes.

When Net-a-Porter used to be Girlshop, I first spied this delicious little (or medium, or large - it comes in different sizes now) bag and fell in love. Sadly, the mini tote starts at close to $400 so this will require some diligent saving. Please don't mind the horrible cuff job on those jeans. Bitch needs to have her legs amputated.

A dainty DvF dress - because it's spring and spring means fresh and flowers and...dainty. I've been watching Stacy & Clinton - wrap dresses flatter everyone.

New iMac. I've had my current one for about 5 years and it's still great but running too slow now. Sorry, baby.

Delicate, pretty jewelry from Bonbon Oiseau Design. Hopefully she'll be at Brooklyn Flea this Sunday. I've been lusting after her jewelry for just about ever it feels like.

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