Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I'm getting NY fever

Meaning, I gotta get out again. Travel to somewhere tropical. Foreign. Or just out of NYC. My friend Erin is in Thailand doing AIDS/HIV research and outreach and seeing photos of her all tanned and in 50 different pairs of sandals against backdrops of beaches and street markets makes me jelly. I've been all over Southeast Asia but always for horse shows and never for pleasure.

Check this adorable duffle bag from Marc Newson, available at Moss.

I love this color and the fact that the bag is split into two levels. Makes packing more efficient.

Belle by Sigerson Morrisson. Normally I can't wear her shoes because they are so delicate and my big flat duck feet spill out the sides but I think I could pull off these adorable sandals. The gladiator look is huge right now but these don't look too warrior-like. Of course, they are something around the $548953298 range. But not to worry, there is a Matt Berson sale tomorrow in the West Village that I am hoping to check. $50 and under is more my speed. Examples:

Alas, our next destination this year is not until October. We will be going to foggy San Francisco for our friends' wedding. I have a lot of friends and family still there so it will be an action-packed week. We will be staying with my dear friends T&T close to Hayes Valley, and I am planning a short jaunt back to the farm so Alex can see some real live cows. I would also love to go to Napa and do some wine tours but I am still planning and working that part out. First, we need to get tickets out there. Then we will worry about itinerary.

P.S. I know it's only May. I know.


erin said...

but you don't know how often you make me wish i was back in NY! ahhh if only i could clone myself & be in all places at once.

Nic said...

love the marc newson bag!