Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Summa summa summa time

I cannot sit back and unwind, not when I want these sandals that are like $180. Grr. Matt Bernson, available at Urban Outfitters, Piper Lime, Otte, Big Drop, GasBijoux (which I love, it's in Nolita)...

Summer is an evil time. After hibernating all winter and pretty much no spring to speak of, you are unleashed on one of the best cities in the world...pale, flabby and suddenly not possessing any cute clothes! What happened to them?? They faded away in the winter.

What I'm listening to in the morning, aka favorite songs to get juiced to:
* Skid Row - I Remember You
* Smoosh - About the Picture
* Feist - Brandy Alexander
* G n R - Sweet Child of Mine
* T. Rex - Cosmic Dancer
* Bloc Party - Waiting for the 718
* Handsome Furs - Cannot Get Started
* Tommy Guerrero's album From the Soil to the Soul

I'll try to upload some soon-ish.

Tonight, Explosions in the Sky at Terminal 5. Tomorrow, taking the day off to get shelving at IKEA, then driving back back to Hackettstown to visit my old boss and eat his delicious food. See that Insalata de Goffo? That's mine - my favorite salad, named after me.

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