Monday, April 7, 2008


Cheyenne Diner closed yesterday, as they were bought out by another housing development. Why do I care? I used to live right above it.

When I first moved to NY I lived at 415 9th Avenue, directly across from B&H and right above Twins Public House and the legendary Cheyenne Diner. I never even ate there that much - the food was regular diner food - but it was a good standby for late nights and hangovers. It was a first floor walk up and I had roof access (the roof of the diner that is) and used to hang out there on nice days. Nice for relaxing and painting and having a beer outside, which is a rare luxury in New York.

Having lived here for five years and counting I've seen a few favorite spots close down like Chikubu by Bryant Park and Joey's on Ave B. In a city where rapid change is the norm, you think you're ready for it but when you find out, it's like learning that Charlton Heston has passed.

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