Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Sundae Da Be Da

Went to the Brooklyn Flea today - Ft Greene's first flea market's opening day. It was overcast and cold and ended up being pretty windy. Spied some great vintage glassware, some furniture made from recycled bowling alleys, bags made from recycled sails, and some really cute jewelry (for which I will be back in two weeks). It was way too cold to enjoy it but I did pick up this wonderful seascape necklace from Bonbon Oiseau. If you missed it, she'll be back first Sunday in May.

Some sites from the day - colors to brighten the gray:

We tried to hit up Olivino for some wine but they were uncharacteristically closed. We checked handy dandy Google maps on Alex's phone and headed down Vanderbilt to Wine Exchange, which is cheaper and has liquor. Picked up a verdejo, crianza and red zin.

Saturday we had dinner at Cafe Moutard in Park Slope and then hit up the BK Museum for some free First Saturdays action. It was crowded as hell and you had to pay for the Murakami exhibit. I'd seen it already a few times so we made our way down to the first floor to check out DJ Muro from Japan. It was way too crowded and hot to enjoy ourselves, and on top of all that the sound system sucked. It took us forever to get out because all entrances/exits were at a standstill. Surrounded by screaming babies, mommies brandishing strollers and disgruntled hipsters, we vowed never to come back on a 1st Sat.

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Bonbon Oiseau said...

Thanks so much for coming to see us and for your purchase!