Thursday, May 8, 2008

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A car alarm was going off this morning and it seemed like it wouldn't stop. It woke me up and I tried so hard to go back to sleep, only to have the weirdest (premonition?) dream...

I was pregnant but there were complications so they had to induce labor. When the baby was born she was only about as long as my hand and they had to keep her incubated. But the doctors kept talking about her like she was already dead. And confused, I tried to ask them questions - she couldn't be dead if they were still keeping her in the hospital? I was so worried and cried nonstop. Alex was still in school and had some exams. Andrea was with me. I think I was in school too and I tried to find Alex in between classes to talk to him but he wouldn't leave his desk. Andrea was so angry with him we went to go find somewhere to sit but we passed these three girls in brown hooded robes much like the ones monks wear, seated on a raised wall. They were chanting something. That's all I remember.

Uh...I don't want to get pregnant any time in the near future so I don't know what this dream means. Unless it is indicative of my relationship which isn't so great either!

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Bella said...

Thats so weird!
Maybe you saw a movie or something before and it came back in a dream for you!