Wednesday, May 7, 2008

In the summer kitchen

From Apartment Therapy, this beautiful, tiny, clean, laboratory-like kitchen from Sweden belonging to Benita Larsson. I love love love love love the way this kitchen looks. The simple, clear jars everywhere, the glossy tile from floor to ceiling. This is exactly the kind of kitchen I want, minus the electric stove.

And to give it life:

Cute ceramic planters with mini park scapes. Available in mugger, flasher, gay couple and lost salesmen. From - these would be great for growing herbs.

Eco-friendly and the colors are my favorites. Bamboo bowl and serving set from

I used to want the turquoise blue Le Creuset cookware but now that this Dijon collection is out, I'm having second thoughts. It just looks so sunny and happy. But who says you need to stick to one color? I'd get a different color for each piece. I'm digging the Carribbean Blue and Flame collections as well. So pretty, especially with the gradated colors.

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