Sunday, May 18, 2008

The weekend in pictures


Apples & oranges: the start of our journey down 9th Ave and a metaphor for the entire weekend.

The Hallo Berlin cart at the 9th Ave International Food Fair - nice tits!

Our reflections at Port Authority.

Shiny junk at the end of the food fair - who buys this stuff??

At Hell's Kitchen Flea Market - I love the turquoise and the shadows of the three nesting tables on the ground.

Moveable type for old letterpresses at Hell's Kitchen Flea Market. Had I more time, I would've chosen a few to make into art for our walls.

Piles of shredded plastic at a construction site.

Gray's Papaya sign on 8th Avenue - very close to my first apartment in NYC.

At the doors of (I can't remember which) a savings & trust, Alex jumped in front of the camera just as I was taking the picture. I think this came out pretty good, for an accident.

Repetitive instructions at a Manhattan parking garage.


The sun went into hiding and I came across these bright fuschia flowers.

Amidst the historical and ornate: modern, minimalist numbers.

Part of the SONYA Studio Stroll - Dread Scott at MoCADA. This depicts innocent victims killed by the police. In each of their outstretched hands are what the police thought were guns. Wooden batons smashed down onto a coffin throughout the exhibit, mimicking gunshots.

The home/studio of I. Leon Golomb. He and his wife have been living there for 27 years and collect many things, including hands and old rug beaters.

Bee's Jubilee at Gardell's Garden, Fort Greene. Great little spot made up of several shipping containers that have been gutted out and fitted together.

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