Friday, July 18, 2008

It's Friday I'm in love

Photo from Home Delivery

Weekend plans:

* Red Hook vendors back in effect! We will brave opening day mob scene and bike to Red Hook nice and early to partake of this much-awaited and very delayed summer treat.
* MoMA's Home Delivery House Party. DJs and street cart vendors.
"Home Delivery explores the prefabricated house as a replicable object of design and a critical agent in the discourse of sustainability, architectural invention, and new material and formal research."
* House party at JR's, who lives in a brownstone just 3 blocks from us. "Big band. Evening wear required."

* Pack a picnic. Menu includes poppyseed & sesame crackers with goat cheese and homemade stone fruit chutney, fresh fruit, cold cuts. And I suppose a bottle of wine or two.
* Santogold, A-trak, Plastic Little at Central Park's Summerstage. I never want to sit inside anymore as it is disgusting and expensive, and there is absolutely no shade. However I am not against sunning myself nearby, where I can still hear the music.

Happy Friday everyone!

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