Sunday, July 20, 2008

Saturday in pictures


Gowanus Canal


Pupusas on the griddle


Decrepit on Waverly

Happy color

Van Leeuwen

Soho Escapes

Take a run at the sun

Tom Sachs at Lever House

Pieces of Berlin in Manhattan

Home Delivery

Home Delivery

Night sky

Saturday was a super fun-filled busy day. We woke up early and biked across the Gowanus Canal to the Red Hook ballpark, where opening day of the Red Hook vendors was just starting to get lively. This year, they were delayed in setting up due to permits and DOH regulations. It was our first time to go and we ordered grilled corn, pupusas, tacos and ceviche.

Back home to rest and shower before heading out to Soho, where we ate more delicious Van Leeuwen ice cream, then up to midtown for MoMA's Home Delivery House Party. I love that midtown has all these hidden art treasures, like rotating sculptures at the Lever House and pieces of the Berlin wall.

Then back home for yet another shower, after which we got dressed in evening wear and headed to a house party down the block. Nice to know that after 10 years, I can still fit into my old prom dress.

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